For twenty years my wife and I lived on a cliff high above the waters of Lake Superior near Little Marias Minnesota.   Each day I  had the opportunity to watch the changing face of the big lake and the forest nearby.  Here the powerful rivers and crashing waterfalls rush to the lake.   Soaring eagles and delicate wildflowers decorate the skies and shores.   Crashing waves pound the soaring cliffs.   It is a glorious place for a photographer.   The pictures on this website show many of the results.


Dave DeGree has been a photographer all his life.  His favorite subject is northern Minnesota, where he and his wife Mary first spent much of their leisure time at their cabin on the Gunflint Trail.   They lived on Lake Superior near Little Marias for nearly twenty years.


A graduate of the University of Minnesota in Chemical Engineering, Dave is a recently retired executive for Vomela, a St Paul graphics company.  “I  find the technical challenges associated with digital photography and digital printing scratch my itch for engineering activity”,  says Dave.  “It’s a great fit with my commercial graphics background.”


“I especially enjoy photographing those areas adjacent to Lake Superior”,  he says.  “Big waves, powerful waterfalls and delicate wildflowers are all to be found nearby    It is  great a place to view through the  camera’s lens.”


After moving to St Paul recently Dave expects to continue his passion for photographing North Shore venues.   And his archive of photos taken over many years will provide an interesting supplement to the new photographs he takes every day.