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Split Rock Lighthouse stands tall against the advancing fog from Lake Superior.



The thick fog, which is typical of Lake Superior, was already beginning to hide the lighthouse from view as I set up to take this photo.   Such chilling fog can roll in quickly on the big lake and is one of the reasons the lighthouse was established.

This photo is also on display at the Cross River Heritage Center Gallery during September, 2012.






The hills high above Lake Superior always attract the tourists as the foliage puts its Fall colors on display.   The Autumn of 2011 was the most spectacular in many years.   We were treated to brilliant colors which came upon us quickly and, just as quickly, the winds came to blow them away.   My camera captured this view along the Cramer road, not far from Schroeder, along the North Shore.



Washed Rocks


Washed Rocks

I am a frequent visitor to the mouth of the Baptism River.   Located in Tettegouche State Park, the river finishes its journey to Lake Superior after falling several hundred feet through the highlands along the lake’s North Shore.   The river’s power is evident from the rocks and pebbles in the sand bar where the river meets the big lake and by the cleft it has worn through the cliffs at Lake Superior’s shore.

I am always moved by the clash of the water’s power where this river meets the Lake– the polished rocks carried to the lakeshore by the river, there  to be further polished by the wave action of the great lake.


Moonrise at Sunset

The Lighthouse at Split Rock reflects the beauty of Lake Superior.   On this day in early fall, I found the the sunset reflecting from the clouds as the moon rose above the fresh snowfall.   I was all alone on the shoreline and the moment was absolutely magic!   I have taken thousands of photos of the lighthouse, but never have I felt the beauty of the famous setting as I found it that evening.